Alpha Office Furniture
Customer Service Policy

Alpha Office Furniture is committed to excellence in customer service. All members of the team are expected to perform superior customer service, which is the foundation of our success.

Alpha Office Furniture recognises the importance and needs of our Customers and continually provides members of the team with training and development to enhance progressive clientele satisfaction.

Customer Service Objective:

  • To deliver high quality service,
  • To understand and satisfy the needs of our customers,
  • To ensure all requests and deadlines are met,
  • To demonstrate integrity in all dealings with all our customers,
  • To act openly and honestly in all matters,
  • To be committed to delivering on our promise,
  • To provide our customers with relevant solutions where ever possible.

Quality Policy

Alpha Office Furniture is engaged in the marketing, sales distribution and after-sales service of a variety of Steel Office Products and Office Soft Furnishings in the Australian market. All our products and components are sourced from like minded companies who share the same quality ideals. Our principal objective is to be the Supplier of Choice with our customers.

It is our intent that;

  • We deliver the highest levels of Customer Service that will meet and strive to exceed the needs of our customer.
  • As our customers’ needs and wants change we will strive to meet these changing needs by continually adapting and improving our products and business processes.
  • We will continually develop, educate and train our employees and associated business partners to ensure that those who represent Alpha Office Furniture are well prepared and able to fulfil our customers’ needs.
  • We will at all times remain committed to providing the best quality products available to us and back this up with our reputation for service.
  • We undertake to review this policy as necessary to ensure that it continues to reflect the needs of the customers of Alpha Office Furniture as we strive to delight them.
  • In pursuing any one of the above objectives we will not compromise or jeopardise the achievement of any other of the above objectives.

Workplace Health & Safety Policy

Alpha Office Furniture is obliged to avoid or minimise the risk of injury to the health and safety of persons arising out of the conduct of its business in accordance with the provisions of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and associated legal requirements.

Alpha Office Furniture has an ongoing commitment to provide safe practices of work to ensure that as far as reasonably practicable a safe working environment is maintained for employees, contractors, clients and visitors.

Management is committed to:

  • Securing the support of all employees, clients and encouraging their active participation in the Occupational Health and Safety Management System.
  • Providing the resources, skills and training necessary to assist our employees maintaining a safe and healthy work place including the equipment and system of work.
  • Reporting all instances that have an effect on the safety of the work environment. Using this information to enhance safety procedures and policy.

Our Employees are:

  • Expected to meet their obligations to protect the safety of themselves and others at work.
  • To perform their assigned duties in accordance with accepted safe working practices.
  • To provide to Alpha Office Furniture all information to protect the health and safety of all stakeholders.
  • Required to co-operate with Alpha Office Furniture in pursuing health and safety initiatives.

Environmental Policy

Alpha Office Furniture pledges to minimise pollution by continually improving in the following areas.

  1. Waste
  2. Chemicals such as organic solvents
  3. Noise and vibration
  4. Natural resources such as electricity, gas, water, oil and paper
  5. Education

Alpha Office Furniture pledges to continuously be aware of, and evaluate the impact of our activities on the environment for the preservation of the environment, and to continuously improve upon our efforts.

Alpha Office Furniture also pledges to abide by Local, State and Federal environmental laws. Alpha Office Furniture will endeavour to ensure products supplied or manufactured do not burden the environment by always considering and ensuring the impact of our materials on the environment is low.

The Alpha Office Furniture approach will be to continuously revise our activities, and reduce our waste through recycling. All Alpha Office Furniture staff are made aware of the environmental policy, so as a conscious effort from all staff members can be made to establish a harmonious relationship between our company and the environment.

Alpha Office Furniture will communicate this policy to all interested parties. Alpha Office Furniture will ensure that this Policy is regularly reviewed and updated.