Long Span


Long Span Shelving is the ideal product for storage of standard sized archive boxes, documents & plans. Specially designed shelf lengths minimise any wasted storage space.

The utilisation of stepped-section beams allows for the flush-fitting of shelf inserts, maximising clearances and protecting the board or steel.

• Quality adjustable racking system suitable for small to medium sized goods
• Special stepped beam profile allows true protection of flush fitting shelf inserts
• Versatile system offering many accessories and storage display options
• Sturdy and efficient storage system for archive boxes, hardware products and apparel amongst others….
• No nuts and bolts required thus enables easy installation
• Shelves adjustable in 50mm increments
• Shelf levels designed to accomodate loads of up to 400kgs UDL
• Easily converted into mobile shelving for maximum storage efficiency

Heights    1800 / 2100 / 2400mm
Widths     1200 / 1800 / 2400mm
Depths     450 / 600 / 840mm

3 Years

Australian Made